Yo! My name is Van Evans and I fly out of the stunning Ozark mountains in the northwest Arkansas region. I have been fascinated by flight ever since I was a little kid. My father was a pilot and I watched him build a performance aerobatic biplane from nothing but a set of blueprints. Growing up with that influence, I started to fly/build fixed wing RC and immediately got hooked. Later on FPV started up and I was blown away on how somebody could literally fly a drone using video goggles, but the entry level price point didn’t really agree with my college student income. Years later I bit the bullet and purchased my first setup following a budget build advertised by Stu from UAVFutures! My first flight in September of 2018, I will never forget how nervous I was with knees shaking, palms sweaty, and the massive rush of adrenaline flooding my body….. I immediately knew I found my calling! I’ve always had an itch for seeking that rush of adrenaline from skateboarding and riding motocross but the best part about freestyle FPV is that there is absolutely no risk in harming myself. Freestyle FPV is creative, engineering focused, and artistic which comes with an extremely enthused family of like-minded individuals that push and influence with a positive mindset. That 100% describes every teammate that represents Twin Quad Frames!