My name is Travis Knoblauch. I live in Northeast Oklahoma. I started flying FPV in 2016 after seeing Charpu’s “Left Behind” video. It was an absolute inspiration. Flying RC fixed wing previously, I had some RC knowledge already and it wasn’t long before I was ripping up the local parks with miniquads. I enjoy the building as much as the flying. Now, I can normally be found tearing around the MultiGP tracks with the 2018 CK-Lite, or searching out epic bandos with the SkilZaw. I like to think I have a pretty diverse style. Most of all, I prefer to fly freestyle. Just something about flowing around, skimming the ground and hitting tight gaps that does it for me. You see views and angles that are normally not seen. In FPV, you can truly fly.

I have been flying Twin Quad Frames for a while now and I am super stoked to have the opportunity to be a part of the TQF team. The durable and well thought out designs, the great customer service, and the drive to make the best frames in the industry at an affordable price, is why I keep flying TQF.