What up! My name is Juan Jurado I fly out of Southern California. Murrieta and Corona to be exact… If you’re ever in my area hit me up on social media (accounts below) so we can get some sessions in! I started flying in June 2016 after my best bud, Brandon got me to buy a Syma x5. While doing research on the innerwebs for that, I came across this mind-blowing thing called FpV where dudes were sending drones into crazy areas doing insane tricks while wearing VR goggles?!?! MIND BLOWN! Ha! Well, I was sitting on an Amazon GC so I jumped on it and never looked back! So, my life now is family, work, and FPV!

My flying style is a low, techy, gappy, and just goin’ for it! As my bud Jordan would say, “No F’s givin”. I’m always inspired by HiFlite, Willy, Johnny, Steele, Matty, Gapit, and my team mates! I enjoy balls out lunch sessions, flying with friends, and sharing the hobby with strangers and kids, not strange kids.. but sometimes… ya..lol. Love seeing their minds get blown too!

Well just want to say thanks to my wife and rock Jackie for putting up with my obsession and… spending…lol and BIG thanks to Twin Quad Frames for taking a chance in me and loving me for my skills, Thank You!