My name is Jon Wood, better known as JU5TbyCHANCE, and I live in Northwest Arkansas. I was first attracted to FPV just over a year ago because of my love for Photography. Once I stumbled upon FPV, I knew I had to see the world from that perspective, and it only took one time before I was hooked. To top it off I’ve always been a tinkerer so the building process meshed not only with my personality but with my career as well. I love FPV because I can let go completely and immerse myself into this world only seen in the goggles and am able to experience everything from a completely new perspective that is rarely seen. My favorite style of flying is freestyle, although I have been trying my hand at races that I can seem to make it to, and I must say that I would like to pursue racing more in the near future and get out there with the best of you guys and meet you and hear your story. It is my goal to inspire and uplift all that I can in this hobby and outside of it. I am extremely grateful to be a part of Twin Quad Frames, to grow as a pilot and as a person, enjoy your life and take advantage of every moment, because you only get one chance!