RADIX PDB Features


Radix Power Board is supporting up to 8s and 160A, the Radix PB (power board) handles ridiculous amounts of power. The integrated LC filter and 5V (2A) regulator provide noise reduction and clean power to the Radix FC and other peripherals like four integrated programmable LED’s.


  • Made for major power: Up to 8S support and 160A burst

  • Integrated LC filter for noise reduction and clean video

  • Solder pads for motor signal wires and ESC telemetry

  • Four integrated programmable RGB LEDs – show your color

  • 5V (2A) output to power all your peripherals

  • Current measurement up to 160A

  • Heavy-duty 4-layer PCB with 4oz copper per layer for high current handling ability

  • Plug-and-play stacking with RADIX FC using soft wires for vibration isolation

  • Engineered and tested in the USA


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