Welcome to Twin Quad Frames!

Our names are Cory and Keith and we are 32-year-old identical twin brothers from Ohio. Since our first “real” RC truck when we were 9-years-old (the Traxxas Rustler!), we’ve been hooked on RC and have enjoyed being involved in the RC community, most recently in and around Columbus, OH. In 2014 we came across the infamous YouTube video linked HERE, where a few mini quads races through the woods, Star Wars-style. It was amazing to watch and we both knew we needed to see what this quad thing was all about! After a couple months of research and YouTube-iversity, we each built a ZMR250 with the very basics of equipment we could source, but hey – they flew! Shortly after that we outfitted them with full FPV gear.
Flash forward nearly three years later … With countless mini quad builds between the two of us, Cory got into the local MultiGP racing scene and raced in many events through 2016. Keith has always been a big support to Cory and racing and was excited to get into the races himself. Being from a family that has enjoyed and encouraged us to build things since we were kids, plus the fast pace and community feel of the FPV world, we knew we were in this for the long haul. After talking to some of our fellow FPV’ers and building a number of different mini quad frames over the years, we never really found a frame that completely fit the way we like to build AND fly. Our preference for something with not only a clean build but the strength and sustainability to withstand both freestyle and racing flights led us to start designing our own personal frame style. With Cory having 12+ years of IT, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and CAD work experience and Keith having 12+ years in business sales, communications, graphic design, and marketing, plus our combined experience of 15+ years of RC races and builds and now over two years of flying mini quads in the FPV world, we were able to combine our skill sets to create an all new mini quad frame company …
Twin Quad Frames!

We are focused on designing from the ground up some of the best racing and freestyle mini quads possible at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy! We are only using the highest quality carbon fiber and hardware possible. Our focus on 100% original frame design follows a method and pattern we believe in and want to share with you: Fit and Finish, Component Placement, Strength, and Weight. We hope you enjoy our frames as much as we do! Thanks for supporting Twin Quad Frames – we’re excited to be working on this new project and look forward to hearing your feedback on what we’re doing well and how we can improve our custom frames to meet your flying needs.