Our CK-X210 is our first frame designed January 2017. The Uni-Body base plate is a stout 4 mm thick and coming in at 210 mm motor to motor in a pure symmetrical X platform. Featuring the highest quality carbon fiber it will take almost anything you fly at or into! With a 2 mm top plate along with our top cover TPU GoPro mount makes it a solid choice to strap your GoPro to! Now available in Hydro Dipped options.

Price: $49.95

  • 67 grams with top plate.
  • 3k full carbon fiber.
  • 4 mm bottom plate (59g).
  • 2 mm top plate (8g).
  • 210 mm motor to motor.
  • 20×20 FC mounting.
  • 30×30 FC mounting.
  • TPU FPV Camera Mount. (green)
  • Easy access battery strap.
  • VTX easy access windows.
  • VTX Mount zip tie slots.
  • GoPro mount zip tie slots.
  • 3 mm cut tolerance.
  • Cut in North America.
  • Designed for freestyle!